Anonymous asked:

What happened to fuckbronies4life's blog? I clicked on their URL and their blog isn't there anymore do you have any idea if they deleted it or changed the URL?

theshitbroniesdo answered:

From my knowledge, there is no L

Other than that i have no clue.
~Bitch Puddin’

Hey there! I saw your message and realized that the URLs had been deleted (instead of banned, which would prevent the url from being reused), so just in case Bronies felt like pulling a pinkiepony and stealing the URL to spam it with insulting/degrading horse porn, I hauled both URLs for the original owner.

If they want it back, they just have to contact me and prove that they’re the original owner, and I’ll gladly return it to them. I hope fuckbronies4[l]ife is doing okay.


hey so I noticed your blog vanished, so I saved the URL (as well as a couple variants) so bronies couldn’t steal it and do their usual ‘spam degrading sexist porn’ thing on it. Hit me up if you want it back, I’ll just need proof that it was the original blog owner contacting me, thx. Hope you’re doing okay. <3